Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Garden Update: July 2013

It's been a month since we planted the garden.

We've had rain, typical Seattle rain. 

But more importantly, we've had sun & heat! A not so typical heat wave and then this happened:

Everything exploded! We've got tons of lettuce, raspberries, zucchini, and cucumbers! 

The tomatoes are coming along as are the green beans and possibly the apples!

It's all very exciting....especially to my little garden helper! We even have done a little canning with our new produce. But that's a story for another day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My cup runneth over.....

It's been another year. Another birthday, yet I still feel 28. For some reason, that's my go-to age and I'm not quite sure why. The hubby claims it's because that's the year we met. I just smile and nod when he says that.

But, this was pretty darn good. Lots of fun, lots of laughs....a few bumps and bruises along the way, but that is life.

(My traditional birthday margarita)

But it's mine. And it's a pretty sweet one. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Snapshots of a family trip: a.k.a. City Girl goes to a Nebraska farm

We just got back from my husband's family reunion in Nebraska City, Nebraska. We spent the weekend at the Lied Lodge. I have to say, if you ever find yourself in Nebraska, this is worth checking out. It was founded by the Morton salt founder and it's the birthplace of Arbor Day! There is a huge farm (The Arbor Day Tree Farm), a forest with walking path, art displays and educational opportunities, plus a giant greenhouse where you can pick your free tree to take home and plant! I wish I had more pictures of those things (or any really), but I blame the heat and humidity. (Oh the heat & humidity!). They also had a little country store with fresh fruit and pies! (Oh the pies!). You could also snag free apples in the hotel lobby. Ruby and I loved that!

Part of the art displays in the forest.

Ruby says "I'm DONE with family pictures people!"

Look mom, mooooo cows!

After the reunion, we drove over to Guide Rock, Nebraska to visit the family farm. Matt's father and his three brothers grew up on the farm. His youngest brother still lives there, farming the 1800+ acres. He's got cattle, milo, hay, alfalfa and a few other things I'm sure.

His oldest daughter and her family also live on the farm. Ruby really enjoyed playing with her cousins, especially Lanee who's just 3 months older than her! Lanee showed her all around the farm and what it's like to be a toddler running free and wild on the farm!

That's the hubby and his uncle driving the swather. He's trimming the alfalfa. I drove it too. And Uncle Bruce said my lines were straighter! One point for the City Girl!

We also went on a cattle drive! Yes, I went on a cattle drive! It was so much fun! And really pretty! The farm was still pretty green despite that it was the end of July. There was even a little storm off in the back ground.

 We moved about 125 cattle from one pasture to another. I'm not sure of the acreage we covered, but it seemed liked a lot. Once the cows get moving, they get moving!

They hubby was bringing up the rear of the herd on an ATV, Ruby and I were in the truck with Uncle Bruce. But we got out to feed the cattle to help inspire them to follow us to greener pastures (ha!). Ruby had no problem being so close to these hundred pound animals, but Bruce's daschund Chubbie, he scared the heck out of her! She'd run around the house with Lanee saying, "Chubbie! Chuuuubbbbiiieeee!" and then when she found him, she'd stop point and start screaming. It was pretty funny.

Despite the heat, humidity and a few travel bumps on the way home (FYI, if you're ever in the Kearney "airport" the highlight is the fact that they have a Coke & a Pepsi machine which is useless to someone who doesn't drink soda by the way. We were there for nearly 4 hours.), it was a really fun trip!

Friday, July 26, 2013

this moment 7.26.13

Over at SouleMama, she has a Friday ritual called this moment - a single photo, no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor & remember.
If you have a this moment, please leave the link in a comment, I'd love to see it!

The city goes on a cattle drive! In Nebraska! Yes....this actually happened, Tuesday to be exact. It was so much fun! Here I'm feeding the cows. Ruby also enjoyed seeing the cows up close. She kept saying "Moooo cows!" and throwing their treats at them.

I'll post more pics from the Nebraska trip shortly, along with many other catch up posts! 

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A little R & R

I need it.

A lot of it.

I wish this was the reason I haven't been blogging:

But sadly, it's not. 

Just work/life getting in the way of blogging. And a few other things as well.

One thing is different this time around... I've picked up the knitting needles again for a fun, easy project.

Details (and hopefully more blogging) to come.