Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go on, I dare you not to say, "awww...."

I know. Isn't she and the sweater just adorable? This is my friend Ella and she's sporting the Lovey Dovey shirt from Spud & Chloe. I made this earlier this past fall but I couldn't post it because Ella's mom reads my blog. And then I had to wait for her to grow into it. But here it is, the middle of winter and she pulls it off with style and flair! What girl doesn't need a little pink top in the winter?

Pattern: Lovey Dovey

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I've learned while having a hot pink cast on my wrist

1. Complete strangers feel the need to tell me about their injuries. The other day a Santa Claus told me about the ten months he spent in a full body cast. It was very disturbing on several different levels.

2. People do tend to remember the blond with the hot pink cast, so it is nice when say, the lady at the bagel shops asks how I'm feeling.

3. Putting on ones bra is hard work and causes one to break out into a sweat.

4. Despite the hectic/craziness/crabbiness of the mall during the holidays, I received great customer service. Example: At one store with at least 15 people in line behind me, the sales lady took pity on me and took off the price tags on all of my gifts and practically gift wrapped them for me. Then she took my other bag and put everything in one easy to carry bag. She was so sweet! I could feel the evil dagger stares from the cranky shoppers behind me boring into my back.

5. Mastering the art of cracking an egg with one hand would have made making Christmas cookies so much easier. Luckily, and sadly for me, I've still got time to work on that trick.

6. And finally, I've learned that keeping my house clean is really just over rated.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrist Update 2: My new fashion accessory

That's right folks, I've got a removable hot pink cast! I figure if a girl's gotta get a cast, then get a cast right? It's my doctor's own design - a typical hard cast, yet it can come off for handy things like a shower or physical therapy (which starts in early Jan.). While it is rather flashy, it does make wearing long sleeves and coats a bit of a challenge. Needless to say, I've been a bit cold since it is December in Seattle (read: wet & cold but thankfully no effing ice!!)

While my fingers are able to move a bit better than before, I still can't do some basic things like drive, knit, put my hair in a ponytail (which is crucial for me). So no Christmas crafts or gifts this year. However I decided that I'm going to make up for that on Valentine's Day. And if that doesn't work then I'll start a new trend of holiday crafting and baking for St. Patrick's day or perhaps Arbor Day. Or quite frankly, any damn day I want because, well, I deserve it!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wrist Update #1

Surgery last Wednesday went well. The surgeon said I had good bones (thanks mom for always having me drink milk when I was a kid because I still love milk!). Now I'm just recovering & taking it easy. Which is hard for a perpetual putterer & knitter/crafter to do. I'm getting addicted to the diy network which could be an issue once I'm healed. My list of home improvement projects has grown immensely.

Should make for an interesting spring!

And I wanted say thanks for all of the support I've received over the past few weeks! It's been really appreciated & needed!