Tuesday, February 28, 2006

KAL Smackdown -smacked down again!

Once again, I am defeated. This time I put up a strong fight only to be thwarted in the end. Speed Knitter (a.k.a Carrie) and Speed Picker (a.k.a Rebecca) met to knit when they knew I was unavailable. They proceeded to drink coffee, coffee and more coffee and knit for FOUR hours to beat me! They play dirty. Whatever. Let them be that way. I'm so over it!!!! So once again I have to catch up. This may be the last KAL I do....I can't take the pressure!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hangin' with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was in town signing books at Sur La Table. I went down there and got in line to wait to meet her and get her to sign my books! It was a long line, but I didn't care. It was however, very cold. Too cold to knit, although I did my best until my hands were numb.

While I was standing there flipping through my book, a photographer with the AP came and took my picture and it's on the Yahoo News site!

Here's my book!

It was cool to meet her and she was very nice and we chatted about how sweet it was of me to get a book for my mom who couldn't come up from Boise to go to the book signing with me. I told my mom how I stood in line and froze my butt off for her book. She said we were now even for the time when I was 7 and she got up at 4 a.m. to make sure I got a Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas. You're right mom, we're even.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

KAL Smackdown - Round Two

Part two of the KAL is back. The Smackdown continues. After losing horribly to Speed Knitter (a.k.a. Carrie) and Warp Speed Picker (a.k.a. Rebecca) Slow-Ass Knitter (a.k.a. me) is tending to my wounds and picking up the needles for Round Two. I feel stronger. I'm just going to brush off the disappointment of my slow knitting and go on. So far, I am about 2 inches into the back side of the bag. I am a little concerned that my busy work schedule (two more night meeting scheduled for next week -grrr...) will slow down my valiant return efforts. I feel that city leaders (and my boss) may frown on the idea of me knitting through meetings instead of taking notes. Sad world we live in isn't it? Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Powering through the knitting funk

I've decided the only way to over come knitting funk is to quite simply - knit. I've finished another flower wash cloth. This one looks more like a flower and less like an amoeba - like my first one. I knitted this one on circular needles instead of DPNs. Obviously I was quite loose with the knitting for the first one. I suppose it's better to be loose with the yarn than with the men! Although it would really depend on the project I guess! Now I've casted on for another one. Since these are gifts with the deadline coming up, it's really helping with the knitting funk...knowing I'll see the joy on their faces when I give them away. And if I don't see the freakin' joy, I'm taking my cool knitted flower wash cloths away!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Knitting funk

I'm in a knitting funk. I haven't touched any projects, books or yarn all week. I went to two yarn stores today in the hopes of over coming this tragic ailment. No luck at the first spot. Not much better luck as the second. I bought a pretty light orange color for another flower wash cloth but it's for a gift. I need something fun and challenging to get back in the knitting way. I miss it. I long for it. Just have no inspiration.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The end of Rosy and a sweet surprise!

Saturday Rebecca and I hit the open road for a day trip to Tacoma to check out the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat. Being the oh-so careful planners that we are, we weren't signed up for anything and just decided to check it out. Upon our arrival, Rebecca made a bee-line for the sign-up sheet to a free round table session with the Yarn Harlot. It was full so Rebecca signed us up for the non-existent waiting list. We then met up with Jessica and Lorette for a little knitting and discussion. It was then, that my lovely Rosy met her untimely fate. As I've blogged before, I was concerned about Rosy's size. Turns out, I was right. My gauge was way off and Jessica, Rebecca and I could have all worn Rosy - at the same time - had I continued on.

So I ripped. And I ripped. Very traumatic but thanks to my support (all of whom whipped out their camera's to document) I survived. Next up, lunch time. Rebecca and I hit a Mexican spot for a little liquid consolation over Rosy. Then we went back to try and charm our way into Stephanie's class. Turns out, we're very charming and got in! We learned a ton of great tricks for fixing mistakes and we discussed the Rosy incident. I felt better.

Still mourning the loss of Rosy, I came home from work today and found another treat from my Secret Pal!

She sent me a Valentines Day card, chocolate bars (that didn't make the picture-didn't eat them...just forgot them) a row counter, needle gauge guide and these handy flash cards full of knitting tips. I'm especially fond of the one about gauge! Thanks Secret Pal you're the best!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Knitting Knot

I thought I'd start a new, quick fun project tonight, another flower wash cloth from Weekend Knitting. It's not starting out so quick and easy however.

Hmph....will keep at it. In other knitting news, tomorrow I'm off for a road trip to Tacoma with Rebecca to check out the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The upside of wisdom teeth removal

I'm trying to look at the upside of having my wisdom teeth removed since I like to think I'm a the-glass-is-half-full kind of girl. Basically, once the grogginess, throbbing pain and swollen face went away, the doctor told me to lay on the couch, watch T.V., eat milkshakes and knit. And knit I did (once the grogginess wore off). Here's proof:

I finished the Flower Wash cloth from Weekend Knitting. Although it looks like an amoeba in this picture.

I finally finished the front side of my felted bag that I'm working on for my KAL. Rebecca came over to bring me some ice cream and forced me finish this project since she and Carrie have knit circles around me. They've already started the second part - unlike we originally decided which was to start TOGETHER. They need to work on their listening skills.

And I'm just a few rows away from finishing the back of Rosy. It's so lovely. Although, it seems really big but I'm sure that's just because: A-I've never knit a sweater before and don't know what to expect. B-It's just a funky knit pattern because it's knit sideways. C-I've just screwed the damn thing up. But I'll knit on and have faith in the pattern and myself.

As I write this, I'm watching the Grammy's and Sir Paul McCartney just did a cover of U2's Helter Skelter. I'm not sure what I feel right now: surprised -shocked-frightened. A little of all three I think.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

What a wonderful treat today! When I came from work my package from my Secret Pal was waiting for me! Inside the box was a cute card, bookmark, an adorable package of soap, lip balm, lotion and a sewing kit and thimble plus Knitting Over the Edge! I've been lusting after that book! I just love it! It was a great gift and I'm so happy! And it couldn't come at a better time because tomorrow, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed! UGH! Not looking forward to it, but now, once I come out of the grogginess, I can sit back, flip through the book and admire the pretty pictures - while trying not to drool on them of course! Thanks again SP! You're the best!