Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits Thursday

  • My last blog post on knitting here at the Knitting Knot was on July 2. And it was about my frustrations with my current projects. As the lack of blog posts - even knitting ones - show, there hasn't been a lot of creativity around here this summer.
  • After many misses, I've finally hit on something good! I'm back to knitting with a lovely little project. It's top secret as it's a gift, but stay tuned, pictures are coming soon.
  • I got a fabulous new camera for my birthday. I've been playing with and loving it so much! Expect more pictures soon of all sorts of stuff.
  • I'm finally heading out of town for some much needed R & R! A road trip beckons to see family, friends and Yellowstone! I've never been there so I'm really excited! Also another reason I'm excited for my new camera!
  • I think my garden is confused. You see the weather here in Seattle has been quite confusing/frustrating these days. We go from weekends where it's 60-something, no sun and rainy. To the next weekend of 90-something record breaking temps. And back again. I have lots of green little tomatoes but I have my doubts they'll ever turn red. Unless it's this next week when I'm out of town. 'Cause that's just my luck.
  • I've been trying to eat local this summer. My current addiction is blackberries. I can't get enough  of them.
  • See you in a little while - with lots of great pics!  I know you're excited! I am!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well crap.

Last night I was updating my computer and freeing up drive space on my C drive (where I tend to dump all of my photos - thus the need to clean it up every once in a while.) I was all proud of myself for doing this without any help from my tech support (a.k.a. the hubby). However, while most of transferring of files from drive C to drive D was quite successful, I seemed to have "misplaced" about two months worth of photos. Which for me, is a lot.

They aren't on the C drive anymore. They didn't make it to the D drive. I'm about 85% sure they weren't in the recycle bin (which has also been emptied). They are somewhere on my computer.

It kind of stinks because some of the missing pics I hadn't had a chance to share with you all yet. While I'm not sure what exactly is missing, I do know the following are M.I.A.:

- pics of my great canning adventure the other weekend (did manage to post about that)
- pics of my weekend getaway to the Washington Coast (didn't post about that). Guess I'll have to go back.
- pics of the West Seattle Garden Tour which was really lovely and inspirational. I even snapped a photo of two baby hummingbirds in their nest waiting for mama to come back with lunch! That's a shame it's lost.
- pics of my mom hanging with her college roomies recently. Good thing I emailed those to her after the trip. Hopefully she saved them. I can here her muttering...oh no....right now......
- pics of my canning class with Amy Pennington. (did post about that. Plus I took the class with uber shutterbug Rebecca so I can just poach her pics if needed.)

That's about all I can remember that I had. I'm sure there's more garden pics....oh, and a really amazing sunset photo that I snapped a few weeks ago and meant to share. Damn...that was a good one. I guess I should just be blogging a little more often. And perhaps not get too cocky when it comes to my oh so savvy tech know how. Hopefully my tech support can find them for me!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

GL challenge: To you, it's just a zucchini...

But to me, it's a freakin' miracle!! You see, people say anyone can grow zucchini. They say, you'll have zucchini coming out of your ears. But for the past two summers I've planted. I've watered. And waited. And then they all died. I've never been able to pull a zucchini out of the garden. And then eat it. Never. Ever. It's very sad for me.

Until now.

See! I not only pulled one, but have actually pulled another one out of the garden too! And later this week I'll have about three more! Plus I finally picked my beans and I'm thinking there's about 2 pounds there worth of pure yumminess!

Usually, my zucchini look like this:

They begin to grow only to rot at the end. I've still had 6 or 7 of these happen so far. Anyone have any idea why? I've heard it's because I water too much. And because I don't water enough. So ya, still scratchin' my head over that one. I welcome all suggestions and your favorite zucchini recipes!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past week I turned 35. I felt that it was a milestone birthday for some reason, but I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's farther away from my 20's? Maybe because it's closer to my 40's?

I don't know. All I know is that it was a good day, filled with family, friends, some pretty flowers and a fancy chocolate cake from my fabulous hubby.

Then, two days later I got carded buying PBR's at the grocery store.  I guess it doesn't matter that I'm 35 as long as they still want to see my id!

Here's to another year filled with fun, crafty and tasty adventures!