Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits Thursday

  • My last blog post on knitting here at the Knitting Knot was on July 2. And it was about my frustrations with my current projects. As the lack of blog posts - even knitting ones - show, there hasn't been a lot of creativity around here this summer.
  • After many misses, I've finally hit on something good! I'm back to knitting with a lovely little project. It's top secret as it's a gift, but stay tuned, pictures are coming soon.
  • I got a fabulous new camera for my birthday. I've been playing with and loving it so much! Expect more pictures soon of all sorts of stuff.
  • I'm finally heading out of town for some much needed R & R! A road trip beckons to see family, friends and Yellowstone! I've never been there so I'm really excited! Also another reason I'm excited for my new camera!
  • I think my garden is confused. You see the weather here in Seattle has been quite confusing/frustrating these days. We go from weekends where it's 60-something, no sun and rainy. To the next weekend of 90-something record breaking temps. And back again. I have lots of green little tomatoes but I have my doubts they'll ever turn red. Unless it's this next week when I'm out of town. 'Cause that's just my luck.
  • I've been trying to eat local this summer. My current addiction is blackberries. I can't get enough  of them.
  • See you in a little while - with lots of great pics!  I know you're excited! I am!


Sara K. said...

New camera for birthday!!! I like how that sounds. Can't wait to see the results. New knitting project and a great trip in your future, so great!!!

IdahoGirls said...

Blackberries indeed. We went out to a farm last week and picked 17lbs of blackberries! Ohhhhh so good. I even channelled my inner Meg and Sara and made - (I need a fancy intro sound here) FREEZER JAM!!! I was completely wigged out by how much sugar the recipe required and felt like someone should call CPS on me for feeding this sinful concoction to my children. Have a great time in Yellowstone - can't wait to see the pics. We want to go there maybe next summer so maybe you can inspire us to finally take the girls there. ENJOY!!!!!