Tuesday, August 03, 2010

GL challenge: To you, it's just a zucchini...

But to me, it's a freakin' miracle!! You see, people say anyone can grow zucchini. They say, you'll have zucchini coming out of your ears. But for the past two summers I've planted. I've watered. And waited. And then they all died. I've never been able to pull a zucchini out of the garden. And then eat it. Never. Ever. It's very sad for me.

Until now.

See! I not only pulled one, but have actually pulled another one out of the garden too! And later this week I'll have about three more! Plus I finally picked my beans and I'm thinking there's about 2 pounds there worth of pure yumminess!

Usually, my zucchini look like this:

They begin to grow only to rot at the end. I've still had 6 or 7 of these happen so far. Anyone have any idea why? I've heard it's because I water too much. And because I don't water enough. So ya, still scratchin' my head over that one. I welcome all suggestions and your favorite zucchini recipes!


Heather Jane said...

congrats on your first zuke baby. I say saute it with onions and garlic. That's my fave.

Sara K. said...

Woot! I love it sauteed with crimini mushrooms and a little Italian seasoning.

Holli said...

Way to go, Meg! My zucchini plants are giving me a zucchini every night...and I love this. Typically I just saute with a little olive oil and minced garlic, cause it's fast and easy and goes with whatever is on the menu.

But I also love to slice them very thin and put them on top of pizza and I think my all time favorite zucchini recipe can be found right here (http://feedingthebigguy.blogspot.com/2006/10/its-like-macaroni-cheeseonly-better.html). Give it a try -- you'll LOVE it, I promise!

Also, if you "search" my blog (there's a tab for searching the blog on the right hand menu bar -- near the bottom) and type in zucchini you'll find a lot of recipes. Zukes are one of my all time favorite veggie and I use them in my cooking ALL the time.

Lauriel said...

We are having some of the same problems with ours...getting good ones too, but there are a few that just rot off. Let me know if you figure out why cuz I sure can't!