Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well crap.

Last night I was updating my computer and freeing up drive space on my C drive (where I tend to dump all of my photos - thus the need to clean it up every once in a while.) I was all proud of myself for doing this without any help from my tech support (a.k.a. the hubby). However, while most of transferring of files from drive C to drive D was quite successful, I seemed to have "misplaced" about two months worth of photos. Which for me, is a lot.

They aren't on the C drive anymore. They didn't make it to the D drive. I'm about 85% sure they weren't in the recycle bin (which has also been emptied). They are somewhere on my computer.

It kind of stinks because some of the missing pics I hadn't had a chance to share with you all yet. While I'm not sure what exactly is missing, I do know the following are M.I.A.:

- pics of my great canning adventure the other weekend (did manage to post about that)
- pics of my weekend getaway to the Washington Coast (didn't post about that). Guess I'll have to go back.
- pics of the West Seattle Garden Tour which was really lovely and inspirational. I even snapped a photo of two baby hummingbirds in their nest waiting for mama to come back with lunch! That's a shame it's lost.
- pics of my mom hanging with her college roomies recently. Good thing I emailed those to her after the trip. Hopefully she saved them. I can here her muttering...oh no....right now......
- pics of my canning class with Amy Pennington. (did post about that. Plus I took the class with uber shutterbug Rebecca so I can just poach her pics if needed.)

That's about all I can remember that I had. I'm sure there's more garden pics....oh, and a really amazing sunset photo that I snapped a few weeks ago and meant to share. Damn...that was a good one. I guess I should just be blogging a little more often. And perhaps not get too cocky when it comes to my oh so savvy tech know how. Hopefully my tech support can find them for me!


Holli said...

Crap is right, Meg. What a shame Here's hoping Tech Support will find those missing pics soon.

Cat said...

Well, it is a crap. However, if you have titled your photos, sometimes you can use the find feature to get them, ask it to 'find' in files and folders (if you are using Windows), and quite often it will pull it out of la la land for you.

Just a thought.

IdahoGirls said...

Oh Meg

So sorry. A few years ago my computer crashed and I lost one of the girl's bday party pics so I know how frustrating that can be!! Dang dang dang!

Sara K. said...

Double dog dang! Tell me what is lost can be found...

Dang! That means so Forks pics, right?!?!?

Chek out Mozy, that's our back-up plan. Its great for making sure your computer is backed up...

Anonymous said...

ARGH!!! Quel nightmare. Hopefully they are unearthed, and soon!

And I agree with Sara - Mozy is da bomb. I just got a CD of our entire system that crashed so that everything could be re-loaded onto our new computer.