Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm a joiner

Usually after knitting with Purly Girls, I come home, put on the jammies and continue knitting. However this particular Monday night I came home and got lost in Ravelry. I added friends, checked out their sites and realized I'm a joiner. I've joined several groups that make sense: the Purly Girls, SKG, Sheepless in Seattle. But I've also join a few other groups that I just couldn't resist: Tattooed Knitters, Neptune Knits (for knitting fans of Veronica Mars), Yarn 'n Jovi (you guessed it - there's a group for knitting Bon Jovi fans!) and a group for fans of the original Pride and Prejudice. I joined that one because, while I do love that movie, the icon button was the shot of Colin Firth after he jumped into the pond. So really, how can you not join that group?

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Sara K. said...

You know that I am digging Neptune Knits and P & P! Yay for being a joiner. I certainly am one of facebook. Speaking of facebook...why aren't you on there too? -S