Monday, April 14, 2008

Time for a knitalong!

Tonight I decided to join Supergirl and head over to the book reading/sign for Larissa Brown's book knitalong: Celebration the Tradition of Knitting Together. It was really interesting to hear why she and her husband decided to write a knitting book together. (Her hubby Martin is a writer and said he'd learn to knit during this process. He knit a bookmark and called it good.) They chronicled the history of why people knit together. It used to be out of necessity at times of war, but now it's more of a social gathering or for charity. I know what she's talking about. When I first was knitting, I knit with my friend Shannon. We were the only ones knitting in public. Every single time. But then I moved to Seattle, and discovered Shannon and I weren't such oddities the folks of Boise made us feel like as we knitted in public. It's true what Larissa said about being around other knitters: they make you want to challenge yourself and try something new. That has been my experience with the Purly Girls as I always feel so inspired by all their talent and creativity!


Sara K. said...

The book sounds really interesting!!! And like anything we do, its always more fun when you find a pal or two that loves to share in the activity! ;) -S

larissa said...

Thank you for coming! Oh, and your picture reminded me I really have to straighten up while I sign. No more slouching!