Thursday, April 01, 2010

Weekend Get-A-Way

This past weekend the hubby and I took a little road trip to the Olympic Peninsula. We had lovely weather on Saturday and drove along the coast. We are so lucky that within a few hours of our house we can drive to the beach through and old growth rainforest.

The beach at La Push with a big storm blowing in.

The Hubby sitting at the base of the worlds largest Cedar tree. It was really freakin' big.

We stayed at the Lake Quinault Lodge. It’s charming, beautiful and pretty much perfect. With no t.v.’s, cell service or internet access it was just what we needed to unwind. This is the place where folks hang out with other guests in a big lobby complete with a fireplace, over stuffed leather couches, games and a bar. Once again, it was perfect.

Getting a little reading time in and enjoying the rare spring sunshine.

My gin & tonic and my view.....ahhhhhh.....


Sunday greeted us with the typical spring rainforest weather (wind, clouds and rain). Not being the uber serious hikers, we opted for drives instead of hikes. We continued to drive along the coast up to the Sul Duc Hot Springs Resort. We were in our own cabin which was a nice treat after enjoying the hot springs.

Monday we woke to snow in the mountains, fog and possible some of the worst sleet/hail I’ve seen in awhile, once again scraping our hiking plans. It did make for some pretty scenery however.

While we weren’t able to do a lot of the hikes that we wanted to try, we’ll be heading back for sure since it was such a lovely vacation!



Sara K. said...

When I saw this post I was like totally giddy. Shawn - its La Push - you know Like La Push from Twilight!!!! She went to Forks. Are there going to be Forks pix? Giggle giggle giggle! -This comment is from Sara's inner teenager!

Sara K. said...

What a beautiful and lovely getaway. I am missing the west! This comment is from the real me!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Ah, so this is what the Facebook pictures were about! Looks so gorgeous. I could really use a getaway like that right now! Glad you guys had a good time, and you're right -- you are lucky you can drive to such beautiful scenery! Fantastic!

teamoment said...

How lovely to find such a perfect hideaway so close to your home. You're making me homesick for the Northwest, my friend!