Sunday, August 04, 2013

imom: Seattle's Great Glasses Play Day!

This weekend was the 2nd Annual Great Glasses Play Day, an event to celebrate and honor kiddos who wear glasses, patches & contacts. It's a great way for kids to see other kids their ages who also wear glasses & patches. It let's them know they aren't alone. And it give their parents a chance to meet others in their community who are going through the same thing.

This year Seattle had a celebration! Amber and her sweet little girl hosted our celebration in Carkeek Park (BTW, if you live in Seattle you must check out that place! So much fun to be had!)

Amber knows how to throw a party! Our spot was not only easily recognizable by the Great Glasses Play Pay balloons, but the large silver glasses she made! Several of the kids, including Ruby, thought these were the best!

She had sidewalk chalk.

She had bubbles. 


She had fun glasses & patching pictures to color.

And there were books to read where all the kids have glasses & patches.

Plus, there were cupcakes.

And you know you can't go wrong with cupcakes.

 However, despite what Ruby's shirt says, she didn't not patch for cupcakes. (Notice how her patch is on her shirt? Extra points if you spotted the patch on her boot.)

We'll keep up the faith though.

It was a lot of fun & great to meet other moms & dads & their be-speckled little ones! Can't wait for next year's party!


Amanda said...

This post just makes my imom heart smile so bright! Yay for imom support and extra YAY for ikids getting to play with others just like them!!! Ruby looks adorable in her patching tee eating a cupcake, sweet perfection.

Sara K. said...

What a wonderful event. I LOVE the extra large glasses. But I really LOVE all of the children's books. Very wonderful!