Friday, June 08, 2007

Plastic bags: bad for the environment or good for crafting?

The other day I was helping a coworker find graphics for a story about Seattle looking into banning plastic grocery bags. We were on Google and Yahoo images and found the same thing: if you type in plastic grocery bags into the search engine you get a few pictures of plastic grocery bags, but several pages worth of craft ideas for reusing those pesky bags.

Now that's the kind of recycling I can really love - recycling and crafting!

In other environmental news, does anyone know what I can do with boxes and boxes of Styrofoam packing peanuts?


Jessica said...

Most shipping places (UPS, etc.) will take your bags of peanuts.
I've also heard they're good for filling in the bottom of planters so they don't get too heavy from soil.

Shawn and Sara said...

Yep, just take those peanust to any shipping place and they will get reused! Then you will be a great part of the 3 R's (reduce reuse and recycle). We are looking into getting mesh grocery bags to use instead of plastic at the grocery store: check out this sight for details: Ideal Bite-BYOB

Meg said...

Thanks for the ideas ladies! I packe dup 4 bags of those pesky peanuts and took them to the UPS Store!

Shawn and Sara said...

Yay, ecofriendly you! -Sara