Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reasons I like my job.

At my job, I get the opportunity to take complicated political issues and make them relevant to people's lives in a way they understand (hopefully). I get to explain the issues (which, less face it are sometimes really, really boring) in a fun way that gives folks a sense of what city leaders are talking about. I also get to meet interesting, inspiring and fabulous individuals; the political leaders working to make a difference to kids just inspiring change while living with a fatal disease. I've even had the chance to interview a Hollywood Hottie. And tomorrow, I have the chance to sit down with another A-lister:

The Yarn Harlot.

I'll be interviewing her for a story on local knitters, how today's knitters aren't your average, stereotypical knitters and her role in all of this. Then I'll be heading to her book signing to hear from her fans and why they knit.

Hopefully, I'll see you there!


Katie said...

I'll be there... just hoping Matthew will cooperate and not cry!

Sara K. said...

HOW COOL!!! The amazing wonders of being a journalist! Don't forget to give your fans a link to your shows! -S

Baby Isha said...

I still remember going with you to meet Matt Damon. It is so good to have friends with cool jobs. I hope the interview goes well. I can't wait to hear all about it.

IdahoGirls said...

Matt (we are on a first name basis - in my book) came to Boise again - and you know all it did was make me miss you. I had total flashbacks to that day! Hope all is well on your end.