Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BAT/KAT project & NYC trip

I saw this on Rebecca's blog* and it is so funny because we just decided to start doing something like this. Claudia is starting the BAT/KAT project: "Bicycling as Transportation/Knitters Alternatively Transporting Project. The goal of which is to substitute at least one bicycling/walking/alternatively transporting trip for one car trip every week."

Just on Saturday, Rebecca and I rode to University Village to run some errands. We figured it took about the same amount of time to ride there as it does to drive and deal with all the traffic. It was a fabulous ride, we did our shopping, loaded our goodies in our backpacks and headed home. The funny thing was, as we were walking around, and it was obvious we had biked to the stores, sales people kept commenting about how great it was that we rode our bikes here. It was funny. It was the best sales service I've had there in a long time!

*She has some semi-cute biking pics of us on her blog if you need a little laugh. We had a little fun at the bike shop while they installed my new bike seat.

In other news, two knitting projects are packed and ready for tomorrow's trip to NYC! It'll be a fun quick visit with the hubby's family! I've already downloaded the map to get to Purl in SOHO and Purl Patchwork! Pics and adventure stories in a few days! I'm also hoping the mold will magically clear up while I'm gone.


Shawn Shafer said...

What a coincidence! We'll be in NYC this weekend, too. Sara's cousin, Amber, is graduating from Ross, so we'll be there Friday through Sunday.

Sara K. said...

OMG I just saw the post too! The CITY beckons both of us the SAME weekend! Crazy! I tried to call you as soon as I saw it, but (due to a phone that died and took all of its secrets...err...I mean numbers...with it) I do not have your cell right handy (that is such an ID thing to say). I will be finding it, because I am so excited to read that you will be there! :) -S