Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go Local Challenge 2009: My garden

How does your garden grow?

Hopefully, pretty damn good.

We got into the house this weekend. And while the big move isn't scheduled until next Saturday (I originally had to work this Saturday), we were able to get in clean, move a few things in, and most importantly, work in the garden.
This is what I showed up to on Saturday morning:

Yep, it was a mess. A woefully neglected garden. Those really tall weeds that were basically my height turned out be carrots. Really old, neglected carrots. I pulled up about 1/2 a dozen of them along with some really old radishes. After a while in there, I finally had it garden ready.

So we headed out to Home Depot to get some goodies. One of the best things about moving to a new neighborhood is exploring and finding new haunts. On our way to HD, we found the West Seattle Nursery & Garden Center. We pulled in and I quickly met Kathy, my new garden BFF. She was very impressed that by 2 pm on the day I moved into my house I was out shopping for stuff for our garden. She gave me some advice, a fabulous selection of greenery and sent us out the door with the confidence not to kill everything.

Back at the ranch we started planting. Here's what it looks like now:

We've got tomatoes, corn, 2 types of squash, carrots, onions, radishes (the last three are all seeds) plus basil, chives, rosemary for my herb pot. I also transplanted the kale and lettuce starts from my bucket, but I've got to be honest, I don't think the lettuce is going to make it. I'm also a little worried about the transplanted tomato. Fingers crossed!

We also bought a raspberry plant and I've got my eye on two blueberry plants back at the nursery center. I'm also hoping to get some zucchini, spinach, more lettuce and a few other things, but I'm not sure what yet. Any suggestions? (You can't say strawberries. the hubby thinks I may have pulled up a strawberry plant in my zest to weed out the garden. But in my garden, strawberries are weeds!)


IdahoGirls said...

Looks great Meg! Just don't plant the STRAWBERRY plant near the raspberries (if you end up getting one - they carry a fungus that can hurt your rasp. - we found that out the hard way)!! Aren't you allergic to strawberries?

Holli said...

Sounds and looks like an excellent start, Meg! Isn't gardening fun? I'm hoping for sun and warmth in your neck of the woods to get things growing and ripening. Boston has been nothing but rain and 65 degrees for the entire month of June. I'm afraid my onions are rotting in the ground.

Jen said...

I am so jealous of your garden!!!!! I want one, but I have to admit that this year I really don't want to do the work that it takes to have one so I should quite whining!!! Enjoy your garden and I hope it does well.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Squeee!!!!! You're in the house! Well, not really in the house, but you have the house. Omigosh, this is very exciting news.

The garden looks great! My fingers are crossed that everything pulls through! Keep your fingers crossed in return for my cabbage and rainbow chard. Buggies are having a field day with the cabbage and the chard is getting too much sun.

Congrats, you happy homeowner you!

Deb said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for finding by blog through Living Senses. I loved reading about your sounds similar to ours. I'll definitely add your blog to my reader so I can see what you're up to in Seattle (love that city!).

Sara K. said...

WOW!! Meg, I am so excited for you (and a little jealous, too - said the urbanite). The garden looks fab and I am so impressed with your garden focus already!! I hope that the move goes well! -S

heather jane said...

You are my IDOL!!! Move in day and you've got your garden in the ground. That's insane. And totally AWESOME!!!!

I'm crossing my fingers for you...

And shame on you for speaking of strawberries that way. We can't be friends if you're going to talk about a berry that way. :)