Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seattle's newest Farmers Market

The Pike Place Market Express is now set up for the summer every Tuesday from 10 am - 2 pm at the City Hall plaza. It's right outside my office door! And it was a hit today! It's starting out small but organizers say they are going to get bigger as the summer progresses. And with the lines today, I can only hope they start getting bigger next week!

I wasn't able to get out to the plaza until ll:45 am and already things were sold out! I did manage to snag two things of raspberries, a bunch of romaine lettuce and some broccoli - all locally grown.

I think I'm going to enjoy having a farmers market outside of my office. I just need to get out there earlier. Hopefully work won't get in the way of my local produce shopping!


Jen said...

How convenient!!!

The only thing growing outside my "office" is left over chives from last year! Pretty sad.

Holli said...

How fantastic!! Nothing is ripe in New England yet. June 2009 has been an average of 15 degrees cooler than in years past with so much rain we've only seen the sun 32% of the time. Farmers markets are slow and tiny...and my go local summer hasn't been very local at all. I guess August and September will reap some harvest.

I'm thrilled you've got a market right outside your office. That's going to make a local summer fun AND convenient.

Sara K. said...

LUCKY DUCK!!! How awesome that it is right there and already so popular!!! WOWZA!!! Can't wait to see your market finds. -S

Shannon said...

Jealous! Can't wait to see your lovely local meal creations though!!!