Sunday, September 13, 2009

When a yarn store shuts down

It's always a sad thing when a yarn store closes their doors.
It means no place to go for help with a project.
No place to sit and visit with fellow women who you may not know when you walk in, but are friends when you leave.
It means no place to just stroll and look and touch the pretty, pretty things.


It also means a SALE!!! The store in question is my mom's favorite yarn store in Eagle, Idaho: Handmade. It's a fabulous store in a beautiful custom made log cabin house with over stuffed chairs, couches and shelfs filled to the rafters with yarn.

Thier sale: 50% off everything. EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, I didn't know about this sale before I came for a long weekend visit. I would have better prepared myself for upcoming projects. Instead I just grabbed some pretty yarn that I'm rather fond of.

I purchased 5 skeins of Dream in Color Classy in Worsted Weight. One skein of Some Summer Sky (which will become a Foliage Hat for my sister for Christmas); 2 skeins of Cloud Jungle (to become a hat for the hubby); 1 skein of Butter Peeps just because I love the color. They were all sold out of the Dream in Color sock yarn but this is still quite the steal!

If you're in the vicinty of Boise, Idaho, I HIGHLY recommend a side trip to Eagle for this fabulous sale!


Holli said...

Oh Baby!!! I'm gonna have to tell my Mom about this one! Excellent purchases, Meg! Oh DIC yarn -- I LOVE that stuff.

Jen said...

As soon as I saw the title to this post I knew exactly where you were headed!!!

IdahoGirls said...


I am so bummed I missed you. Our life just got so crazy lately - or it could be just our new normal not sure. I hope you had a nice trip. On top of everything on our end, Aubrey broke her arm this week - yikes!!!

Looking forward to November my friend and getting to see you and your new house.


Sara K. said...

Way to find the silver, cozy, soft, skein-ed lining of that situation!!! -S