Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yarn Storage

When my parents visited a few weeks ago, they brought up my college graduation present from my grandmother. It's not like she didn't get me anything when I graduated, oh, so many years ago, it's just that I didn't really have a place to put it. I was in the post grad stage of constantly moving from one crappy apartment to another and I didn't want to move it around as it was a piece of furniture that didn't require assembly (something very rare for a post grad).

So now that I'm a homeowner, my father delights in bringing me item of my past that have been stored in the garage/attic/former bedroom/etc. This last trip brought me this:

It was my great grandfather's trunk. It had been living in my grandmother's garage for years and she thought I might like it. And I love it! My father, the creative, handy guy that he is, refinished it for me and added this delightful element:

Removable and slideable drawers! Perfect for organizing sock, lace, worsted, etc. You get the picture.
(Clearly I was so excited about the yarn storage/organization system that I didn't even notice the picture was blurry.)

And the best part is, now I have way more room for my yarn! Time to go shopping!


Holli said...

Ooo -- excellent! Love the removable drawers!!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

GASP! Meg, that is amazing!!! I just LOVE quality furniture that has a history...in a world of IKEA/Target cheapo stuff, the quality stuff is so rare! What a lovely keepsake.

And boy, did your dad do a bang-up job! It looks fantastic!!!

Heather Jane said...

SWEET!! Those drawers are so great! It's the perfect addition to your new home.

teamoment said...

So beautiful! One would think such a lovely piece could not be improved, and yet your dad has actually made it PERFECT!

Sara K. said...

J'adore!!! How fantastic! Can't wait to some day see it in person!!! Summer Sara says hi - she is getting ready to take a road trip. More details to follow!