Thursday, October 07, 2010


Every once in a while, I've discovered something enjoys digging in my flower pots. No problems in my garden, just my pots.

I've often wondered which woodland critter does this. We live near a wooded area but over the past year, I've only seen a squirrel less than a handful of times, spotted three large raccoons in my front yard once (in broad daylight mind you) and on one occasion a fox was trotting down our alley like it was his every day strolling route.

But this morning, I finally saw him. Caught him with his hand in the cookie jar so to say.

I watch him hop from not one, but two pots before making his way boldly up onto my porch to inspect my precious pumpkins and then into my herb pot.

Exhibit A
After snapping a few photos for evidence, I knocked loudly on the window and tried to shoo him away. But he only looked up at me, his plump little body sitting squarely in the middle of my basil, and game me a look that I swear said:

"Excuse me lady, but you're disrupting my breakfast."

And with that he was off.

Exhibit B
I have a feeling he'll be back tomorrow though.

 Any ideas how to keep these pesky perps out of my pots?


Holli said...

Joe and I had a general problem with pests (squirrels, birds, raccoons, etc) in our garden. We purchased a plastic owl decoy at Home Depot and have been all set ever since. You might consider picking one up. They're inexpensive and will save your pots -- for sure.

Sara K. said...

Well done, Lt. Megan! Your hard-hitting gumshoe and detective skills paid off!!! Its all that investigative reporting has set you on a good foot!

teamoment said...

Way to conduct a successful stakeout! I wish I had any words of wisdom. All I can do is cheer from the remote sidelines and yell, "SHOO, You Rapscallion!"