Monday, October 04, 2010

A Good Shot

The other day I took a photography class at the Fiber Gallery. Franklin Habit was in town signing books and he offered a photography class one night. If you don't know who Franklin Habit is, he's a great person to learn some photography tricks of the trade. Not only is a great cartoonist and photographer in his own right, but he's also a knitter. And he's pretty darn nice and funny. So it makes taking a class from him rather entertaining.

The first part of the class was about photography basics: lighting, the colors of light, different angles, depth of field and shutter speed.

The second part was all about experiment. He wanted us to try different settings on our camera now that we had learned about light, shutter speed, etc. He had brought along the makings for a light box, different backdrops etc. We were encouraged to walk around the shop and take pictures trying to capture the texture, color, etc.

Here's Ariel setting up her lovely socks in the light box.

Here's a few examples of different shots I took throughout the Fiber Gallery.

This is my Snapdragon Tam that I've been working oh so slowly on.

And this is Franklin Habit. As Jessica said, when she picked him up, she realized he had assimilated into Seattle just fine. Sporting his combat boots, a new hat and his new utilikilt he had bought at what he referred to as "the mothership" (meaning the Utilikilt store) he was clearly enjoying our city. He probably had a latte as well.

Franklin will be teaching at Madrona in February. If you get the chance, sign up for his photography class. It will be one of the highlights of your weekend. Trust me on this one.


Holli said...

Awesome, Meg. Looks like fun and like you learned a lot! The shot of all the Noro is stunning!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Fun! You took some really great shots!! He sure looks like an interesting guy.

Sara K. said...

Well done, Megsy! You can come and photograph for my blog anytime. What a fun class.