Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crafty things I'm loving this week:

Charming felt flower sachets from Purl Bee - Who doesn't want to whip up some cute little gift for friends or simply to have on hand

Pink Grapefruit Mitts by knittedblissJC - Just the name alone makes me love them & the luscious color doesn't help either. Plus in Seattle you can pretty much wears these types of gloves year round. Win-win.

Felted Knitted Basket from Martha Stewart - Another way to reuse older knitted goods. Always good to give beloved knits a second life!

Mr. & Mrs. Gnome from Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang - I love the book Wee Wonderfuls, full of such sweet charming dolls. This happy couple isn't in the book but part of the website. I must get these soon. Very soon.

So much wonderful craftiness out there... not enough time.

What are you crafting these days?

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