Thursday, August 01, 2013

imom: Sharing her story & making superheros in the process

An Internet friend I've met recently through my various imom blogs & groups was featured on Today's Mom for her son's Scott's story. It's very similar to Ruby's story. But Scott wears glasses and those are about a year off for Ruby still.

Jessica was tired of the comments & looks people were giving her for having a young child in a patch & glasses (Come on peeps, like you've never seen that before?! Seriously what is wrong with people!?) so she decided to do something about it to make her son feel better.

And you know what, she did with Eye Power Kids Wear.

And she made a lot other kids feel pretty good too.

Ruby's shirts arrived this week. Can't wait to get her picture on their site!

Note how the eye patch is on baby doll & not Ruby. This is what happens when she gets a hold of eye patches.

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Sara K. said...

I love that she was so empowered and that ikids everywhere will feel supported because of her work!