Friday, March 02, 2007

Baby Isha's Fashion Show!

Here is Baby Isha sporting the latest looks from Auntie Meg. Isha looks stunning in the Child's Placket Sweater from LMKG in a pretty spring green color. To complete her look are Isha's new khaki pants her mom bought to go with the sweater.

She is wearing the "it" outfit every Virginia baby needs this spring. Check out what else the highly adorable and oh' so trendy Isha is up to on her very own blog!


Shawn and Sara said...

Meg, what a triumph! The color, the usual your vision is tip top! You might consider a career change to baby stylist! Clearly Miss Isha is thrilled with her new look! My guess is that your other "clients" are just as thrilled! -Sara

Jessica said...


Baby Isha said...

I was going to dress Isha in her sweater for our class on Thursday, but according to the weather man it is going to be 80 degrees. I guess she will have to wear it this weekend when it cools off.