Monday, March 26, 2007

Mom's Sock!

This weekend my mom came into town for a fun girls weekend visit! She brought along her knitting too! She and a friend took a sock knitting class and after many weeks, some ripping out and swearing (like all good projects require) she's got an FO (that's finished object to you non-knitters)!

It fits and looks fabulous! Now she's half way finished - just one more sock to go!
She's also been whipping up these cute and soft washcloths for people!

She inspired me to pull out my first pair of socks - and I use the term "pair of socks" loosely as I've only made it this far with the first sock:

I measured my sock and I'm only 6 inches into the leg and decided I wanted to go another inch before working on the heel flap. Then I put it back in the knitting bag for another day.
Tonight I took mom to Purly Girls and she had a great time! She loved chatting with all the fun, creative and talented knitters! Now she wants to start her own Purly Girls in Boise!


Jessica said...

Glad your mom enjoyed herself.
I've been meaning to ask what you thought of the Margi David Salon?

Shawn and Sara said...

Yay! I love a good mother-daughter weekend! And one filled with knitting is definitely a treat!! -Sara