Thursday, May 03, 2007

Depths of despair

My fellow t.v. addict sent me this story to let me know that my favorite show was being cancelled. I was pretty sure this was the last season for Gilmore Girls, but even more distressing was the indication that my new addiction - Veronica Mars - was also going to get the boot. It's sad really. I've done a lot of knitting with these ladies over the years. They've seen the knitting progress from crappy dishrags, to long scarfs, more scarfs, then there was the felted purse phase, let's not discuss the Rosie incident, and the numerous, numerous projects started then put down when the plot lines got interesting. I only hope the CW will be kind and leave me Veronica Mars to knit with on Tuesday nights. But since I've just finished watching what could possibly be the new Grey's Anatomy spin off with Veronica Mars' new love interest as one of the resident hotties on the potentially new show, I'm not going to get my hopes up. It's almost like my Friends have left me all over again.

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Shawn and Sara said...

Oh Meg, say it isn't so! I am not sure I can handle a TV season without my Veronica.

I did find it interesting to see Pizz, looking all hottie, yummy, and cut, on Grey's Last night. It only led me to hope that Logan would really be be in...not that they were...oh I can't even write the c word. This is only the VM's 3rd season.

Oh the depths....Sara