Thursday, May 17, 2007

LYS Tour & Why I no longer will watch the CW Network

This weekend is the May LYS tour (that’s local yarn shop tour for all of my non-knitting readers). I can’t make it due to the fact that I have non-knitting company staying with me this weekend! Although, if we’re out and about, and just “happen” to be in the neighborhood, then they are just out of luck. But the may be on to me if we just “happen” to be in the neighborhood of several yarn shops in a row.

In other news, its official, the CW has no taste. They are dead to me.


tiennie said...

OH NO!!!! That was the only show I watched on CW. Damn them.

Shawn and Sara said...

Megan, I refuse to believe it. I have just yelled profanity at the TV and stomped around our apartment. I am more than bereft. Shawn suggested a silver lining to my ranting: perhaps a much wiser and forward thinking network will buy it and our darling Veronica will make her way to a better place. -Sara

Devastated. Bereft. Lost. How shall I cope?