Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An annoying discovery...

Just as I was getting ready to download the pictures I took of yarn for Cousin Henry's baby sweater (don't worry Cousin Mike, I wouldn't put him in "that pink thing") I realized that the new hubby took the cord that connects my camera to the computer with him on his trip (he uses it to charge his phone through the computer). Very annoying.
So that means no pictures of:
  • Henry's yarn
  • Stitch and Pitch tomorrow night with Mara
  • the new project I was starting to take with me to the game

I guess there will be a big ol' picture entry next week!


Baby Isha said...

The poor new hubby is in the doghouse already!!!

Sara K. said...

Silly new hubby (oh but isn't it fun to type that?). Hopefully his penance will be worth it for you! Hee hee! -S

Anonymous said...

Darn you already know the identity of your anonymous commenter. I bet there's a million of those cables laying around- they come with everything these days.

-Cousin Mike

Meg said...

Well we used to have two of those cables, but Matt lost his and then took mine for his phone. I'm nice and decided to share with him!