Friday, July 27, 2007

A bad day for pets

With a title like that, you know this isn't a cheery knitting entry.

First, I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Miss Destiny. But she lived a long life, happy life with Rebecca. She was well loved and will be missed.
Here's Hailey last year modeling a baby hat I made.

Second, there was a little bit of trauma for Hailey and my mom this morning. Hailey, my parents miniature Schnauzer, got out of the house this morning. And Hailey, being the wild puppy at heart took off for the neighbors backyard. My mother followed her, calling her name, but Hailey simply ignored her, off in her own little adventure. However, despite her young spirit, Hailey is getting up there in years and her eye sight isn't what it used to be. She just didn't see the pool and walked straight off the patio into the deep end. My mother just stopped, waiting to see if Hailey knew how to swim like our other dog. She didn't. She just continued to sink deeper and deeper. My mother took off her shoes and glasses and jumped into the deep in after her. She fished her out of the bottom of the pool and put her on the patio. My mom then swam to the shallow end and climbed up the stairs and out of the pool.

While standing there, dripping wet and a little shaken, my mom (and probably Hailey too) realized her neighbor was sitting in her kitchen (in full view of the pool), drinking coffee and watching t.v. She knocked on the door and needless to say, the idiot neighbor was a bit startled to see my mom standing there dripping wet. When she opened to door to see if everything was alright, my mom informed her that no, everything was not alright. She needed to be a responsible pool owner and keep her gate shut - heaven forbid another dog or worse - a child - wanders back there and falls into the pool.

Back at the homestead, they (mom and the dog) were both upset over the ordeal. My mother lost her cell phone in the process as it was in her pocket during the rescue mission. Later in the day, Hailey was so grateful of my moms heroic actions, that she bought my mom a nice Italian coffee drip machine.

Moral of the story: if you own a pool, don't be a fu#$ing moron. Be responsible and keep the gate latched!


Baby Isha said...

Poor Hailey. Luckily your mom was there to save her. I agree about the neighbors. What is the point of having a fence around a pool if you don't shut the gate!

Sara K. said...

How awful! What a dumb owner of a pool, they should know better. Your poor mommy and doggy! Good thing Hailey is so grateful. You know how much I love that dog! -S

The news about Destiny is very sad!

Jessica said...

They must both be completely worn out.
On the bright side your mom now has a great story to tell at parties.

amandasan said...

Oh no! I have a Schnauzer sibling as well and I'm sure both of my parents would be willing to dive into a pool (or worse) for him!!! Glad that the mom and dog are ok! :)