Sunday, February 17, 2008

Madrona: The Download

I just returned from this years Madrona Fiber Festival. I've unpacked the suitcase, unloaded the food bag (or what's left of the wine, I should say), petted, photographed and admired my new yarn and now I'm ready to blog about it.

Lounging in the living room.
First, we got to the hotel to discover the room I reserved for the four of us was not the one we got. Instead of 2 double beds, we ended up with a sweet suite! And the best part was, when we told them about it, they said, have it for the price you were quoted! Sweet! The other fun (maybe annoying) part about checking in was when Mara, Rebecca and I checked in, the two young men at the counter just looked at us and said:

Young men: "You're knitters?'
Us: "Yes, we're knitters."
Them: "Really? Huh?"
The stereotypes live on.

My first class was Lace Basics with Evelyn Clark. It was very interesting and while it took me a little while to get the hang of it, I think I'm going to like it. Plus, I think this will be a very good challenge for me as I'm not one for really following directions all that well and with lace, one must pay strict attention to the pattern and details. The class was accomplished with minimal swearing. Plus it was fun to have Erin there too!

The afternoon was free time! Good thing I travel to Tacoma with my Tacoma Fun Fact Friend Mara! We took a great walk along the waterfront, saw the house where Frank Sinatra was born and checked out Stadium H.S. where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed in honor of Heath Ledger.

This morning I only had one class Knitting in All Directions with Margaret Radcliff. It was very interesting to learn about different techniques to cast on, pick up, use waste yarn for design elements. I think this will be some practical and handy stuff to know!

Now of course I can't leave out the market place! One of the highlights of the convention! I did go a little crazy, but I really don't think I was alone there! I bought a bunch of sock yarn! I bought several skeins from Tactile - a company that uses naturally dyed yarns and writes the names of the sheep that the yarn came from on their lables! I also bought a skein of Socks That Rock in Farmhouse. Then I bought Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road so I could knit up all of this new sock yarn!

I also picked out the yarn for my clapotis! I'm using medium weight sock yarn from Socks That Rock in Faulty Dryer. I've already printed out the pattern and I'm ready to get to work!


Sara K. said...

Looks like it was a blast! :) Getting the suite and seeing the 10 Things stadium - nice additional touches to the knitting extravaganza! Any Say Anything moments? Wasn't that also filmed in Tacoma?

Can't wait to see all of your projects with that new yarn!! :)

Baby Isha said...

You are a serious knitter, I am so impressed. I am also so jealous. Most of my knitting project turn out to be disasters.

Tojagal said...

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