Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who's your Austen Man?

I came across this web site today and thought, in honor of Valentines Day, this would make a fitting blog entry:
The Men of Austen. Who is your Austen Man? It's a poll and it features all of Austen's leading men complete with their bio: their occupation, salary (even equated into today's value), their likes, dislikes and what features they're looking for in a woman.

I have to admit, it's quite funny. I voted for Mr. Darcy. And despite his millions, I'd have voted for him even if he was mearly a lowly clergyman without good family breeding.


Baby Isha said...

You and Sara are probably going to drop me from your goodreads friends list after I say this, but I am not much of a Jane Austen fan. I will admit thought that I have only read one book and I think I expected more because everyone was ranting about it. I will have to give her another chance

Sara K. said...

I am saddened to see the note above from Jen. We better start working on her.

I am a Darcy kind of gal myself. But I can't wait to check out this link. And, I see you agree with me about Colin Firth as Darcy. Perfectly haughty in all the right ways!

Shawn and I have this discussion about baby names (no that is not a hint - it is just in general)...he wants only saints' names. I say let's do a saint for the first and an Austen character for the second. So, you can guess what the first born son's middle name would be... -S

Anonymous said...
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