Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sewing Bee

The other day I met up with a few other Purly Girls who also dabble in the fabric arts. They were all making these beautiful quilt blocks while I struggled with pajama pants. Following patterns (rules, instructions, etc.) has never been my strong suit. But after a while I just went with the flow. I have to say, these Olivia PJ pants are super cute! I bought three different types of Olvia fabric online and am totally loving them!

Some of Jessica's Harry Potter quilt blocks (below) and some of Amanda's quilt blocks & more of Jessica's quilt blocks (above).


Sara K. said...

okay, you know that I LOVE the Olivia pants...but I am in RAPTURE over the Harry Potter Quilt! I must have this! Where did she get the pattern? Ooh I am going to have to investigate! -S

PS-I think you would really like this blog-
-Look at her sewing projects and sewing links. They are super fun.

IdahoGirls said...

Cute pants!! Love the socks too. You can never replace a good pair of socks - what a gift!!!

Sara K. said...

So I went searching...and after googling Harry Potter Quilt...found Jessica's blog (by accident) and the online place where she got the patterns. Hmm... S