Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ah....public transportation

On a recent sunny and beautiful afternoon, I was waiting at my bus stop for my ride home. I wasn't on the phone, Ipod or reading my book. I was just simply soaking up the sun, waiting for my bus. So when it came, I hopped on at the back door (it was one of those long articulated buses) and found a seat. I pulled out the Ipod and book and quickly became engrossed in finishing my book. Soon I realized that the bus was going pretty fast for a neighborhood street. I looked up to figure out when my stop was coming along only too see a building address with "Aurora" in the name. Then, we were crossing the Aurora bridge. I was on the wrong damn bus. I had gotten on the express instead of the local. I could have sworn there wasn't an express sign, but apparently the sunlight was rather distracting.

So I calmly put away my Ipod and book, got my bus pass and decided to act cool. I hoped off at the first possible stop, trying to figure out just where the hell I was and how I was going to get home. But as I was trying to figure out my own situation, as couple came up to me who also got off the bus. The woman had a map and a very thick accent. They were foreign tourists who had made the same mistake I had. She was pointing to her map and to the roads. I basically told them to get back on another bus and head downtown and start over. Then I called Rebecca. She - luckily had taken the day off because she had just ran the Vancouver Half - she answered and I said:

Me: "You can totally make fun of me, but I need your help."
Her: "Ah.......yes?"
Me: "I got on the wrong bus and I need you to pick me."
Her: Hysterical laughter.

So once we figured out where I was (turned out, not that too far away from her place), she came and picked me up- still laughing. But then she confessed that she's done this too. I guess I am now a true bus commuter.


IdahoGirls said...

Augghhhh my big city friends and all their adventures!!! Good to hear you are surviving my friend!!! Hugs, A

Rebecca said...

Best story EVER! I'm still laughing!

Rebecca said...

Best story EVER! I'm still laughing!

Sara K. said...

THat could have been me! I can totally see myself doing that!!! -S