Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bad Knittng vs. No Knitting

Every night this week I was really proud of myself because no matter how tired I was, I still managed to get some knitting done. Just a few rows here and a few rows there. I had been so tired that no knitting was getting done at all for a while. The other night, I thought, this row looks a little off, but I was too tired to figure it out so I put it away and quickly fell into a TV coma. Then this afternoon, while waiting for a rainstorm to pass before a bike ride, I pulled out my knitting to get a few rows done. However I quickly realized that something was amiss. Instead of the 22 stitches that should have been on the needles, there were 46! Yes, more than double the amount for the pattern. How that happened is beyond me. Obviously, my few tired nights of a few rows there and few row here took a turn for the horribly worse. So I ripped back several, several rows and am now knitting with some nicely caffeinated Diet Coke.


Sara K. said...

Oh dear! At least you caught it sooner than later! :) -S

Noticed that you have A of GG on your reading list for GoodReads. We are always so in sync - I got the 100 year edition from the library just a few days ago! -S

Miss 376 said...

When I was younger, that was the moment I always handed it back to my mother. Hated it when she said I had to learn to do it myself. And now I have to do it for my son!

Baby Isha said...

I hate having to pull out work. I am impressed that you had that many extra stitches on the needle. You must have been REALLY tired.