Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ok. I'm taking deep breaths.

Remember the first sock I made for my dad's Christmas present this year? Remember how the yarn pooled on the leg, then striped perfectly on the heel and foot?

Remember how some people said, it happens, yarn pools. I accepted it and moved on.

I moved on to sock #2 and now look:
The damn thing is striping perfectly!!!!! Which means, it's not the yarn, it's ME!!!!!

And now I have to rip out the first sock and redo it, in the vain hope I can recreate my gauge and hope the yarn stripes. Otherwise, they'll look really, really silly. So much for getting a jump on my Christmas knitting. Am so annoyed! So annoyed I say!!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I have to say this isn't giving me the most hope that I, too, could one day be a knitter. I would cry. But you'll be brave and carry on!! You're tough.

Rebecca said...

Just think of it as a learning experience that will make you a better knitter in the end.

Jen said...

I have always had yarn pool. I can never get it to stripe or if it does it eventually ends up pooling. Good luck with the redo!

Sara K. said...

Oh Megs! How sad! The new one looks pretty sweet, though! -S

Rebecca said...

I've re-considered. Don't make any decisions on the sock until you have finished your second sock and then decide.