Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fall Apples

There's something about fall. I'm not sure if it's the crisp, cool air, the changing of the leaves, or the bounty of crops that come from the farms to over flow the tables at farmers markets. It could very well be all three of those things. But one thing is for sure, when the temps drop and the leaves begin to fall, I begin to cook (a bit more than normal). So when my Cooking Light arrived in the mail, I immediately curled up on the couch to go through and pick out several new recipes.

There was an article about the Shakers who live in Maine. The reporter talked about their rural, isolated life style. She talked about their their furniture. And of course their cooking. I don't know much about the Shaker's religious beliefs. I do like their furniture design style. And I gotta say, they make a killer Autumn Apple Cake.

At my household, we're anti raisins and nuts. I swapped out the raisins for dried cranberries and left out the nuts altogether. It was hit despite the fact that once again the hubby reminded me that he doesn't like dried cranberries. (I love them and put them in everything!). I'd say this was the perfect recipe to kick off my fall cooking/baking season.


Jen said...

Looks yummy. I love dried cranberries. I have a great salad recipe that I will have to email you.

Shannon said...

Beautiful! Looks delicious. Speaking of dried cranberries, you know what recipe always reminds me of you? That brie/dried cranberry/sliced almond appetizer. Mmmm.

Heather said...

Yum, Yum!! Apples are on the docket for this week at our house, too.

Sara K. said...

Can I come over? That looks darn tasty!

Oh wait, my deepest apologies, that was my pseudo Sarah Palin folksiness showing - just because I know how much you love it!!!! Ha ha! I know you feel the same way about that as I do. Does anyone in Idaho talk like that? Sheesh!!! -S

Anonymous said...

your apple treat looks great....and of course i love dried cranberries....xoxomom

IdahoGirls said...

Looks yummy Meg. I would have went for the raisons and nuts though too - that sounds even better!