Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One week away...

There is a change in the air. And it isn't the weather.

My mail-in vote is finding its way as we speak to the King County Election Office. And I've never been happier to cast my ballot. Change is coming. Change is coming!


Anonymous said...

I hope with all of my heart that you are right! I'm breaking my rules and checking e-mail while I eat. Then I'm back off the computer. I swear!

Thank you for the good crafting karma. I'm sick with nerves. What if no one buys ANYTHING?!

I'll be at the Karcher Estates bazaar in Nampa. I hope it's a good one....Then next weekend I'll be at the Id Arts Charter school bazaar also in Nampa.

Wish me luck and YAY FOR YOU FOR VOTING!!!

Sara K. said...

SO exciting!!! We are hoping for a color change in our state this year! Oh to live in an actual swing state....so exciting!!! Our school voted for real change in the national mock election - 71% for Obama. That is a reflection of their parents...so I am really excited! -S