Saturday, November 01, 2008

A conversation hear around the condo....

The hubby recently bought himself a new flat screen t.v. This purchase has long been talked about, thought about and researched, because, well that's just the type of guy he is. (Totally opposite of me, but whatever.) So the new t.v. meant that we need a new t.v stand. This made me very happy because I hate his current t.v. stand which screams, "I'm the cheap crap that a bachelor has and many a beer can has perched on top of me over the years!"

Lots of discussion went on about the type of new t.v. stand on which to perch this new fancy t.v. They hubby kept saying, I just want it to be minimal - no shelves, no drawers, no cupboards. I kept saying, we need those to store the DVDs, CDs, and etc. I thought, why? Why would you not want a place to store things? So in my usual, reporter ways, I kept saying, "Why? Why not?"

And just like a good reporter who badgers who interviewee until he cracks, I got my answer:

The Hubby: "Because I don't want to open a drawer and find more yarn!"

Me: "Oh. OK. Point taken."


Sara K. said...

Oh, poor hubby! Oh wait he just got a new flats screen TV. Maybe he could share a knitting drawer! :) -S

Anonymous said...

dad to matt: welcome to my world...xoxomom

IdahoGirls said...

Tim is starting the flat screen rant around here too... I told him we could not get one until we moved to a different house. I am hoping my counter scare tactic worked! I will make sure he does not get wind of this news! Hugs, A

p.s. The leaf treats looked tasty!!

Shannon said...

That is hilarious. The truth finally prevails!!!