Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally...some Smooshy of my very own

After listening to my fellow knitters rave about how wonderful Smooshy is, I finally got a skein of my own! I bought Classy Worsted Weight in Happy Forest to knit up a few goodies for Christmas. So sadly, this Smooshy won't stay mine for long!

I've also been on the hunt for a new hat lately...either to buy or to knit. After I spotted this darling hat on Holly, I knew the hunt was over. Soon it'll be mine in this lovely shade of gray in the uber soft baby alpaca chunky from Cascade Yarns.

Gotta go....lots of knitting to do!
(And yes, I still have to finish that damn baby sweater!)


Holli said...

Oh, the dream in color classy --- oh, the love. And how happy am I that you are making a Capitan of your very own! Can't wait to see pics.

And for the record -- I'm working on a baby sweater now. FO pics will be posted soon (i hope)

Have fun, Meg!

Shannon said...

Holy toledo, that is a cute hat. I want to hear how it goes -- maybe, maybe, maybe I would attempt it too!

The yarn looks lovely as well!

Sara K. said...

Smooshy? Your non-knitter readers are perplexed! But I think the yarn looks cute and the hat looks super sassy! How fun! -S