Sunday, November 02, 2008

Falling for food

I saw this idea on another blog (I believe the original idea is from the one and only Martha) and I had to try it! It's simply pie crust that you cut into shapes (fall leaves for me) then you brush it with egg whites, then I sprinkled half with a mix of garlic salt and sea salt. The others got a mix of cinnamon and sugar. And they were tasty.

They looked lovely on the homemade leek and potato soup I made.


Shannon said...

Now that is a fantastic idea. What a gourmet touch on your soup! You really Martha'ed it up, Meg!!

weebug said...

what a clever idea! and it looks yummy too!

Sara K. said...

Tres chic! You are very Martha! I am impressed....I am still doing crockpot meals!!! :) -S