Monday, October 13, 2008

Tough Love

The baby sweater and I had a lovely weekend. We got a long just fine, stitches evened out, the YO's all looked fabulous. And then we had a Monday. During Purly Girls the sweater decided to act up. And I wasn't in the mood to take it. There was swearing (mostly me), a lot of ripping out and reknitting. Then finally I decided enough was enough - I just stitch marked the hell out of it. I felt there was too much anger/frustration being knitted into what is so supposed to be a beautiful sweater for a sweet little baby.

But now, the sweater and I are back on track. There's nothing but sweet thoughts, bunnies, rainbows and cute kitty thoughts here!


PICAdrienne said...

It is amazing what a few stitch markers can do. I am a big believer in stitch markers. I think when I start my February Lady Sweater, I will take a page from your book, and use lots of stitch markers when I start the gull pattern. Thanks for the tip. :)

Baby Isha said...

You make a good point. When you are making a gift and doing a craft that you enjoy, you should be full of happy thoughts and feelings. But I totally know what you mean. I have had some very angry words towards a few of my projects.

Sara K. said...

I know that this is not funny for you...but your crafty writing skills made this a hilarious post! Hope you are winning the battle! -S