Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Boom!

There is a baby boom around the Knitting Knot these days (no it's not me, sorry to disappoint mom, Sara, Rebecca, and April!). Two coworkers wives had (and are having) babies soon. And a very close, dear friend called me with the news that she is going to have her second baby! So right away all projects came to a screeching halt as I quickly dove into the stash for yarn, needles and my standard go-to baby hat pattern.

Here are the results:Check Spelling

Both hats are the Child's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I just switched out the bow for a gender neutral stripe for my friend's baby. That way if Daddy gets his wish for a boy, the hat will work just fine. And if big sis (who's 2) gets her wish for a little sister, then her sister will just be Sporty Baby.


Sara K. said...

Aren't you clever!?!?!?! They are both so cute. -S

IdahoGirls said...

I so missed the boat on these hats when I had my babies... almost 8 years ago!! sigh... They are way cute!!!

Shannon said...

Fabulous! That bow is such a great idea.

heather jane said...

Love these hats. I have the book sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to whip up some leg warmers.

I should be knitting instead of blogging!!