Sunday, February 22, 2009


That's me.
Or maybe super-duper stubborn.
But really, just desperate to knit.

I'm kind of in between projects right now. I've just finished a series of little knitted gifts. I'm waiting to start a sweater for myself until after I get back from my trip to France as I have a really bad habit of starting big projects, then setting them aside, only to pick them up and royally screw them up. And I don't want that to happen again, so I wait.

With lots of sock yarn sitting in my pretty yarn stash, I thought, perfect. I can whip out a pair for me and be on my happily knitted way. However, I don't have a swift to wind yarn. And I've tried winding yarn using my winder without a swift. And it generally ends up with me annoyed at myself, swearing and untangling knots until midnight.

And once again I have done just that. Only this time I started earlier in the evening, but it still took a while to hand wind, and untangle, 380 yards of Socks That Rock in Nodding Violet. And now I'm throwing my no-money-on-knitting-rule-until-after-France out the window and going to and buying a damn swift.


Holli said...

I really want a swift too! I just got myself the ball winder, but without the swift it's just not as cool. Great prices on -- thanks for the suggestion!

Shannon said...

Yarn tangles are the WORST. I think you're completely justified in spending money on tangle relief. Otherwise, you're liable to rip a lot of hair out, and that just wouldn't be pretty.

Sara K. said...

Megsy Darling, I hate it when you use pejoratives about yourself...maybe today you were just yarn-challenged...not an idiot! And a big positive dreamer...I love that about you, see a project, take it on, even if you only have a brief window to get it finished! -S