Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back in the saddle again

It's been a very long week and sadly, there has been no knitting. Last week I finished my project (a gift to be shown later). And to top it off, I also finished my book! I don't like that anxious feeling of what to knit next as I dig through the yarn stash while also flipping through my library of knitting books. Usually, I don't have this issue as I have projects lined up. But not this time. And this crazy week I just had didn't leave me with any knitting time, let alone much free time anyway.

But I'm happy to say it's a new week. And a new project was cast on this morning in fact. Then progress was made when I met up with Jessica, Rebecca and new knitter Margaret at Trophy Cupcake for knitting and a sweet treat! Nothing like friends and a good sugar rush to get a sock project off to a good start!


Shannon said...

That looks like knitting heaven. What a darling little cupcake to go with what must be a darling little sock-in-progress!

Speaking of cupcakes, I had a mini devil's food with fudge frosting this weekend at a wine tasting! Yum yum!!!

Sara K. said...

You know that I am pro cupcake! Cupcakes and knitting - how productive! :) -S