Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well huh.

I've been using the "Erin" method of knitting (focus on only one project instead of my usual three at the same time) for a while now and it still amazes me at how quickly I get things done.

Like this sock for instance. It is supposed to be my travel knitting project, but clearly I'm just whipping right through it. I've got the first one done and the second one is well on its way. I guess I'll just have to wear them around France instead of working on them!

Now to find another project....perhaps the hubby will get a hand knit pair of socks for being understanding about this two week trip with my mom and sister to France that he wasn't invited on.


Shannon said...

Wow! You really are whipping right along. That one you've completed looks great!

BTW, we enjoyed Matty's FB pics throughout the day yesterday...

heather jane said...

Wow!! I'm still half way done. I don't know how to turn the heel, so I'm not making much progress. Next time I'll knit with the pattern instead of just following the instructions of the knitting store lady. That way I don't have to get each step from her.

I think hubby socks is a good idea.

Holli said...

Sock look great, Meg! I got my first couple skeins of sock yarn a few days ago - am hoping to cast on a pair for my MIL's birthday in May.