Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A bientot mes amies!

I leave in a few hours for France with my mom and my sister! We are all very excited about this trip! This is something we've talked about for years, but one of those things we've never really acted on until a few months ago. And I'm so glad we did! I know it'll be a great adventure full of fun sights, yummy food, and I'm sure a few squabbles...we are family after all! But at the end of the day, your family loves you no matter what! Plus, in our case, it's usually all settled with a glass of wine or a good gin and tonic!

I'm currently debating about the whole knitting needle on flight issues. Normally, I'm fine, but now I'm working on my socks with two long metal circs. If I can take them on the plane, I'll have a new pair of socks to walk around France in. Otherwise, I'll have to shove them in my suitcase and hope there are good movies on the flight to entertain me. But then again, how do you enjoy a good movie without good knitting? Ah...I know...my issues....you all feel for me. I can tell!

Enjoy your crafting/cooking/travel adventures while I'm away! I look forward to reading all about them on your blogs that I've come to treasure so much!


Jen said...

Meg you know I love you but I am not feeling sorry for you at all regarding your knitting dilema!!! I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!

Have a Blast!

Shannon said...

Good luck with the needle dilemma...I still think you should take them in carry on and pack them in checked luggage for the trip home, but that doesn't help you now that you're most likely in the air somewhere between here in and Paris!

Hope you have a great time and can't wait to get the scoop on the trip when you come back!

IdahoGirls said...

Have a great trip Meg! Can't wait to read all about it...

Holli said...

Oh Meg, have a fabulous time!!!

au revoir

Sara K. said...

Bon Voyage! Can't wait to talk to you after the trip!!!! -S