Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby project update

When you don't have the Internet to distract you, you seem to get a lot of other things accomplished. That's what I'm discovering as the days seem to tick by with no Internet luck at the new house. (Fingers crossed for Plan B which will hopefully be implemented in the next day or two!)

So, here's my recent FO:
The Eiji Jacket
Shibuki Knits in Malabrigo (it's really quite purple but the light make it look bluish)
Size 0-3 mo.

And next for the needles:
the Lovey Dovey Top from Spud & Chloe


Holli said...

Oh my goodness, Meg!! Great job on the FO. It's darling...and isn't malabrigo just the most amazing stuff on earth?

I've been eyeing the Spud and Chloe collection ... can't wait to see your FO and hear what you think of their yarn.

Good luck with the internet at home. That's a bummer.

heather jane said...

And yet she still manages to share with us! Glad you found a way to show this darling little sweater. I love that purple/blue color. I hope I win Holli's giveaway so I can have a skein for myself.

Cute S and C pattern. That's going to be a winner.

Sara K. said...

So cute!!! I keep saying I better get a cute little bug at my house so I can get one of your signature baby creations!!!! But, I will just have to wait for that AND keep a watch on the precious things that come off of the needles! -S

Jen said...

I love the sweater. So sweet! I really should be knitting instead of "netting" because my free time is soon going to come to a screeching halt!!!! I haven't even started Diya's blanket. I guess she will get it eventually.

Shannon said...

Gorgeous! You are just so darn talented. I love it!