Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A quick update: Surviving the move

I thought I’d share a few insights I’ve gathered in my vast 5-days of being a true homeowner:

  • No matter how big the space seems when it’s empty, it’s never big enough when your stuff gets moved in, i.e. my new closet.
  • After years of living on 4th or 5th floors of downtown apartment buildings, you forget how many spiders do get into your home.
  • Career note to movers: if you don’t like lifting heavy objects, find a new job!
  • In the past 4 days I’ve made more trips to the following stores than I truly care to admit: Sears, Home Depot, Fred Meyer.
  • The hubby is amazed that I haven’t even touched a box in the craft room yet. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming and frightening (pic to come later on that one).
  • Despite the boxes, the mess and the general unorganized chaos that is my home, our garden and back patio are in perfect working order. A sanctuary if you will. And trust me; it’s well needed and used.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to come visit Cousin Meg! Spiders go away once you stake your claim on the place :)

Shannon said...

A big YES! on all points!!! Don't worry -- you'll get the unpacking done. As long as the kitchen, bathrooms, and escape area (ie. backyard, craft room, whatever) are complete, you have years of your life to settle in. You'll get there. :-) And then you'll never want to leave.

Holli said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!! You are settling in. So glad you are finding your way around your new digs. I'm thrilled for you.

heather jane said...

Hang in there! It will be a process...and the craft room should wait until it's FUN. Enjoy that patio and breathe deeply.

Sara K. said...

Oh yes!!! Getting there....always takes so long to settle in- but then when you do... A least you have your little places of peace among the boxes! -S