Thursday, October 01, 2009

Surviving September

About mid-August I took a look ahead at my work to-do list for the month of September. It scared me. Like really scared me. My job isn't your normal 9-5 gig so sometimes the workload varies depending on the day and story. But this month wasn't pretty. I decided instead of stressing over it, I was mearly going to embrace the challenges ahead and run with it. At least that's what I kept telling myself.

Throw in a few busy weekend (a trip to Boise to see the family and a visit from the in-laws to see our new house) it all just kind of made for some really exhausting days. And nights. Hence the few and far between blog posts. And the even fewer and farther between knitting projects. And my sewing machine? Yeah, there's a layer of dust on it. Which is really too sad because while I was home my mom hooked me up with some very cute sewing projects!

But luckily for me, the knitting waits, the sewing maching is oh-so patient with me (even when I'm not patient with it) and my friends and family are supportive of my seemingly constant complaining about my work load. When the truth be told, I'm lucky to do what I do, and even luckier to have a job (unlike a few of my coworkers who didn't quite survive September and our surprise layoffs that came a few weeks ago.)

So here's to October! Here's to a new month full of possibilities, new projects and most importantly - so freaking time to just relax!


Jen said...

Yeah for October!!!!

Holli said...

Congrats on surviving September and here's to the cool, relaxing days of October.

heather jane said...

I'm happy to hear your survived a hectic month. I'm still trying to get used to running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I mean working.

It sucks.

But like you, I'm thankful to have a job when I need one. Not working would be far more stressful. I suppose.

Sara K. said...

I hear ya! I am about ready to stop teaching. This month has been killer and I want my life back. Summer was too much fun, too relaxed, to easy breezy, and now here comes the onslaught of busy schedules, my life being wrapped up in Room 205 and its 24 little souls and their many parents and siblings, and the joys of keeping my teaching team on track and trying to keep my ever fussy, picking, and micro-managing principal happy. Oh wait, this is not the place for that...I, too am very blessed to have my job. Yesterday a district near me announced that 200 teachers were being fired...that very day. They had already started their year, had their classes...and now, they are done. We just hear about our 21-42 million dollar budget shortfall for our district (they can't quite decide how much it really is)- and what does 85% of the budget go to? That's right salaries... So, a job, with 24 sweet children, not so bad after all.

Meg, I am glad you are moving into a new month. I hope it brings all of the knitting and sewing projects you desire as well as some down time to enjoy your new house and your sweet hubby! -S

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Hooray for fall! I hope you get the rest/relaxation you so clearly deserve, and the San Juan getaway is a great way to start!