Monday, November 30, 2009


Always listen to your inner knitter.

That is the moral of today’s lesson.

Why you ask? Good question.

I had been so pleased with myself and the Foliage Hat I was working on for my sister’s Christmas Present. I finally had some time to work on it this weekend and I was happily knitting away. I was enjoying the project as it was just coming together so beautifully, much better than the first time I knit the project about 2 years ago. I was thinking that I’ve really progressed as a knitter since this time around was so easy.

Boy was I freakin’ wrong.

As our plane began the descent from our flight back to Seattle, the little nagging knitter voice inside me was getting a little louder: this hat looks small. Really small for my sister. Then when I was just 7 rows from finishing, I really listened to my inner knitter: these needles also look a little small.

But the plane was landing so I just shoved the knitting and my inner knitter aside and went home.

Then, after the bags were unpacked and laundry churning away in the machine, did I dare open the knitting. I pulled out the project. And I pulled out my needle guide. Then I realized my mistake: the size 5 needles were actually size 3!!!

How could this happen I yelled (among other things I also yelled)? The empty size 5 needle package was also in the knitting bag. So where are these needles I wondered aloud? The hubby called this the Great Needle Thanksgiving Mystery.

I called it Really &%*#*%^ Annoying.

Now it’s all about the ripping out and starting over. Only this time, I’ve got the right needles. I’m sure of it. I just bought news ones instead of searching for my missing ones. Nothing like a little retail therapy to ease the knitting nerves.


Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

NO!!! You're kidding me! I can't believe you were almost done!!! Well thank goodness for retail therapy. Maybe the tiny hat will make a good gift for a kiddo? Maybe?

heather jane said...

That really bite, Meg. I've been having the same experience over here. I've ripped out Amelia's Christmas Sweater NO LESS than 4 times. I finally changed patterns and resigned myself to buying a pattern instead of trying to make a free one work.

OOOHHH that dang inner knitter. She'd better be nice to both of us this time around.

My friend Heidi said you stopped by...I'm so sad I missed you!!!

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Holli said...

Oh, Meg! This happens to the best of us -- and it is really $%#@&^* annoying! So sorry. Give it a rip, take a nice deep breath and take two. you can do it -- nice and easy :)

kathy s said...

I just read a Debbie Macomber book, The Good Yarn. It is pretty fluffy, but talked about the connection that quickly developed between three very different people who met at a sock knitting class. I thought of you immediately. I love the way you talk about your projects (even those that make you crazy) and the bond that has developed between you and your fellow knitters. Thanks for sharing. Kathy S. (Sara's MoM)

Sara K. said...

Rats! I know you will persevere! You inner knitting goddess will triumph!!!