Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garden Plan 2010: Ambitious/Crazy

The veggies and some fruits are now in the raised garden beds and several containers around the yard. I've decided the theme to this year's garden is Ambitious/Crazy. Here's what we've got growing and I'm sure you'll agree with me:

3 tomato plants
snap peas
green beans
zucchini (for the record, if I can't get these zucchini plants to produce then I'm officially done with zucchini. There I've said it.)
green onions
a banana tree

Yes, you read that correctly, a banana tree. The hubby was doing a little research and discovered, if it's protected from the colder nights, a banana tree will grow in our neck of the woods. It's not a big one. It's in a pot and he moves it in and out each night and on the weekends he moves it around the yard to follow the sun. It's kind of cute. I'm quite skeptical. But if it actually produces fruit, I'll be sure to post about it and admit I'm wrong. We also planted a dwarf apple tree in our yard. I'm quite excited about that. Now comes the waiting game.

The lilac tree has bloomed. I find it highly ironic that I've been waiting to get some color in our back yard and now that the lilac tree has finally bloom, I discovered the flowers are white. Oh well, they still look pretty and smell quiet lovely.


heather jane said...

yOu can do it, Meg!!! I've never actually met anyone who couldn't get a zucchini to grow. I'm at a loss...

Just kiddin' you're going to do great and love all the food you get. The best book I've got to help me out is the Rodales Organic Garden Problem Solver. It talks about disease and bugs and all sorts of other good stuff, but it's all in sections by plant, so you don't have to read a TON to find help. If you don't have a good resource I can recommend that one.

Dying to see what goes down with the banana tree....

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Banana tree???? Wow, I would never have guessed... be sure to keep us posted on that one.

Your garden plan sounds like the one we had for our shared garden last year! I thought we were crazy too, but it actually turned out pretty well. I think yours will too. Good luck, Miss Greenthumb! I'm pulling for you and the little leafy guys!

Holli said...

Garden plans sounds great, Meg! I can't wait to hear more about the banana tree.

PS your new header = gorgeous!

Sara K. said...

Perfect! It sounds just perfect. I love the theme! The zucchini thing is interesting to me too - isn't that the veg that is most left on doorsteps and in mailboxes - drive by Zucchini droppings were part of my growing up experience in Boise. But, maybe they like the Boise climate better. I can't wait to see how your garden does grow! I am such a black thumb that nay garden I even look at might simply shrivel if I am near! And the lilacs - I could DIE for some lilacs around here. They are simply not as popular in the city and I lament their loss every spring. When/if I move back west or if we ever buy a place with a yard - they will be one of my first purchases. I plan to ring my whole yard with them.

Anonymous said...

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